Endeavor Aviation provides access to everything a private aircraft owner may require ranging from supplemental lift of a larger or smaller aircraft, to leasing, financing, maintaining and warranty programs. With a decade in the aviation industry, Endeavor's knowing of the charter market allows you to win and obtain more aggressive pricing. Our charter team specializes in locating the very best priced aircraft and empty legs that can be launched within as little as a few hours’ notice. The time may be now to upgrade, lease, or sell an aircraft as many buyers and sellers exist to allow a transaction to take place in a timely manner. Financing requirements have made it easier to secure the amount needed at the right rate from many of our affiliate banking institutions. Protection of your asset is crucial to ensure that you minimize your bottom line and have the ability to generate revenue to offset fixed annual costs as this program is provided by strategic FAA Part 135 operators that can generate strong charter hours per month if needed. Preservation starts with a solid group of individuals who maintain and keep an eye on all working parts of your aircraft through our network of Part 145 repair stations. Endeavor focuses on the location of parts within the secondary market to ensure complete protection from unscheduled maintenance and warranty plans are available to keep your bottom line stable year-after-year. JET CHARTER MANAGEMENT LISTINGS CONCIERGE
Charting a private jet allows you to not have to worry about the commitments of ownership. Each flight you take it affords you the luxury of selecting the most efficient aircraft for the mission with as little as 4 hours notice domestically in North America or 10 hours internationally (pending permits). Having a bit of flexibility in your schedule can be very beneficial, as the ability to take advantage of dead legs or empty legs creates big discounts one way travel. All aircraft that are utilized are maintained by FAR 135 charter management companies who maintain either AR/GUS or Wyvern safety ratings. Endeavor possesses over a decade of experience with a proven track record that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, royal families, foreign dignitaries, actors, musicians, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs and United States of America Politicians.
Management of your multi-million dollar asset is crucial to ensure that your aircraft is at peak performance every time you take it to the sky while still preserving its maximum value. Endeavor's management network consists of Part 91 organizations that are ideal for owners who wish to eliminate the substantial costs of a flight department and at the same time, having all necessary maintenance and training handled. Many owners are selecting the Part 135 avenue which is becoming increasingly popular as owner's needs diminish giving more opportunity to generate revenue to offset annual fixed costs. Any aircraft over a 19 passenger seating capacity would qualify for Part 121 which is available to create a similar environment for charter revenue compared to Part 135. Around the world, both types of management organizations exist to ensure management services are centralized to fulfill your needs. For new delivery aircraft, it is important to have all components ready to go. Please ask us about our entry into service program options.
As an aircraft owner, the time may have come to sell, purchase, or even get into an aircraft lease. To best meet your requirements, leases are available for as little as two weeks to over three year duration in a dry, wet, or ACMI format. Endeavor has the ability to place your aircraft for lease when it is sitting idle for a long duration. The process of selling an aircraft requires the continuous exposure to potential buyers at optimal levels of value to sell as quickly as possible. As a buyer, whether an expert or a first timer, it is essential to have an experienced team guiding the way and looking out for your best interests to ensure a premium aircraft gets delivered from pre-buy. Endeavor provides the ability to order a new aircraft from any manufacturer to meet your needs accordingly. Securing the loan and having the knowledge of the most aggressive lenders are two significant factors that come into play and will work to your benefit.

Personal concierge service catering to the needs of our clients on the island of Palm Beach. We provide a range of services to allow you to enjoy your lifestyle. Let us assist you with daily errands and managing your to-do lists including grocery/household shopping. You will arrive to a clean and fully stocked home.   Additionally, the concierge team can assist with personal/corporate gift shopping/returns, gift wrapping, gift baskets and more. It’s about time!

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